Step 5: Assembly

Solder all the PINS to the PCB’s. Be carefull and REMOVE the LI-ION cells from the Battery Shield before you solder it!

The red and black wire on the Battery Shield are for the Battery Tester if you dont use one, you dont need to solder them!

Test your work before you put everything in the Case.

Prepare the Case and glue the Parts together.

Assamble the Battery Shield Module.

If you use a Battery Tester slide it into the Module.

Put the Magnetic Charger into the Micro USB Connector and glue it in Place

Test everything.

Put everything into the Case, you need to remove the SD Card from the DF-Player to insert the Module, dont forget to insert it again.

Test everything again before you close the Case 😉

Assamble & mount the Handle

Insert the Card Box and close the lids using 4 M4x20mm Screws.

You’re done.

Happy Listening!